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  • Customers in European countries within the EURO currency zone: Please use the below order form. You will receive our software on CD along with an invoice.

  • Customers in countries outside the EURO currency zone: Please place your order with our global distribution partner share*it via the following link to save shipping costs and money transfer fees. You will receive a digital download link and you can pay by credit card, PayPal, check or several other methods. Ordering a backup copy on CD is optional. Place your order of Zarb with share*it now!

Order form for customers in European countries within the EURO currency zone

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Note: a "small school" has up to 30 employed teachers OR up to 500 pupils/students. A "large school" has more than 30 employed teachers AND more than 500 pupils/students.

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Our price cut for updates is valid for customers, who own a licence for an older version of Zarb (version 1.0x, 2.0x or 3.x).

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If you want to extend or update an existing licence, please provide the licence number of the existing licence, if available. Otherwise leave blank.


Please fill in completely. If you order a private licence please provide the type of your school rather than the actual school name.

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Shipping charges: 3.00 EUR for delivery within Europe, 6.00 EUR for delivery to non-European countries.

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If you would like to order a licence extension or update and your address and/or name changed after ordering the original version of Zarb, please add your former address or name here.

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Data Security Guarantee

In the context of ordering Zarb by means of the internet ordering form Hans Zybura Software will ask you for some personal data, which is used exclusively for processing the respective order and for limited internal statistics. We guarantee that all of this data is handled confidentially and will not under any circumstances be shared with third parties.